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BMW m3 - Cars - Fan Art!

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BMW m3 - Cars - Fan Art!

Postby zili » Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:03 pm

Rad koji mi se svidja ne znam zasto:) mada mislim da se moze uraditi svasta na njemu ali neka ovo bude prvi oblik :D

I do not know why but I like this work :) I think that can be done many things on it, but let this be the first form :D


Inspired Artist
Inspired Artist
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Re: BMW m3 !

Postby Mish-A-Man » Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:24 pm

:) I think you need to go back to the first version, and from that point try to work more. Again, you should find better position the font, you made a mistake with letters - "BMW M3" is not "BMW 3". Feel free to move word POWER little closer to the main title, it's too far from the BMW M3. Try with little experiment... for example use "color balance" in Photoshop change intensity of some colors :) Emphasize a little more details, what you did in version 2 is too much... anyway, it's not bad, but it looks like you have unfinished work ;)

:) Mislim da se ovde trebaš vratiti na prvu verziju, i da od nje pokušaš da nastaviš dalje da razvijaš ovaj rad. Opet ti treba bolja pozicija fonta, napravio si i slovnu grešku "BMW M3" je, a ne "BMW 3". Slobodno malo približi reč POWER, isuviše je daleko od BMW M3. Probaj da eksperimentišeš malo, probaj da pojačaš intezitet nekih boja, npr. koristi opciju "Color balance" po završetku rada i dodaj boje, malo se igraj :) probaj još malo da naglasiš detalje, ono što si uradio u verziji 2 mislim da je i previše. Nije loše krenulo, ali mi deluje nezavršeno ;)
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Site Admin
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Re: BMW m3 - Cars - Fan Art!

Postby teriyakiboy » Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:44 pm

wow... :)I like to view car design, I really like it. :)
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Re: BMW m3 - Cars - Fan Art!

Postby Trane » Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:16 pm

teriyakiboy wrote:wow... I like to view car design, I really like it. :)

Welcome to our forum, hope you'll have good time with us. :)
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Inspired Artist
Inspired Artist
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