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Using keyboard shortcuts for execution in  Photoshop could make your work there a lot easier as well as more expedient.

Since version 6 until  CS4 there hadn’t been any significant shifting of shortcut commands, except in the newly added options. On your right is the chart with Photoshop shortcuts for version 6 that you can take over.  

Regarding the fact that some of the shortcuts haven’t been documented in the menu, it could come in handy having this list. So, take a look at the fantastic solution in the chart below by Trevor Morris.

Download Photoshop shortcuts

the list of shortcuts:
menu commands, navigation, painting and editing, type, applying colors, selections, layers, blend and brush modes, channels and masks, path, crops and transformations, rulers, measur. & guides, advanced color corrections, filters, misc


Trevor Morris Photoshop shortcuts download

Trevor Morris is the man who put all this into a two-page pdf document , with a printing option.

I recommend you download this list from his site:


or download it directly from the chart on the right. These documents are copyrighted and further distribution, multiplication or commercial use is not allowed.

Photoshop CS4: Mac PC
Photoshop CS3: Mac PC
Photoshop CS2: Mac PC
Photoshop CS: Mac PC
Photoshop 7: PC  
Photoshop 6: PC  
Photoshop 5: PC  
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